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3 Natural Solutions For Oily Hair

dr jacqueline schaffer

Battling with oily hair can be extremely frustrating. The cause of oily hair is due to excess sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands (oil producer). Other culprits can be hereditary, hormonal, or stress related. Here are three simple, natural ways to manage oily hair. Use beer, apple cider, […]

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3 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

Three substantial reasons why acne appears on the skin is normally due to stress, hormones, and mostly diet.  Being aware of our diet means that we have the ability to prevent a few acne breakouts from occurring. Consider avoiding these three foods to see clearer skin: Dairy – spikes blood sugar, which can increase inflammation and leads […]

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